About Us


Connect 54 seeks to give its clients a unique African experience that will enable them to immerse themselves in the culture of each country and African destination they visit; and additionally provide them with opportunities to aid in philanthropic and development endeavours.

At Connect 54, we feel that the beauty of this continent (Africa) is underrated but emanates from the beautiful and free wildlife, the different languages, foods, and practices of different tribes, the stunning dams, rivers, picturesque oceans, and most importantly, the people. Africa will change one’s life, for it offers an unforgettable experience that can only be understood after experiencing and feeling it yourself.

Who we are

The company was founded to expose the world to Africa in a truly unique manner not currently offered in the market locally or globally.

Connect 54 is a 100% Botswana youth citizen owned company. It was established through the foresight and direction of its three youthful directors. The company was incorporated in the Republic of Botswana’s Registrar of Companies through the Companies and Intellectual Property Authority (CIPA). The primary address and headquarters of Connect 54 (PTY) LTD are in Botswana, Gaborone Plot 1201, Louieville Pula Heights in Mogoditshane, Botswana.

Our offer

A holistic appreciation of the country is what the company offers. We will give you a memorable experience that will remain ingrained in your hearts and souls as you remember the brilliant blue skies of Africa and the breath-taking African sunset.

The company offers a full suite of activities that include wildlife safaris, immersive cultural experiences, urban adventures, and philanthropic initiatives, we have the perfect itinerary for your dream holiday.

A trip to our Services

At Connect 54 we pride ourselves with our ability to offer the following services:

tourism excursions

Tailor-made experiences crafted exclusively for you.

tourism excursions

Discover Africa’s highlights with our curated itineraries.


Explore the urban life of Botswana through bespoke activities.



Explore the rural/traditional life of Botswana through bespoke activities.


Make a difference while exploring Africa’s beauty.


Connect 54 will provide an opportunity for our guests to impact different communities in Botswana. The business is committed to improving the lives of the people of Africa, and also protecting and preserving the flora and fauna. 

Additionally, Connect 54 subscribes to the UNDP 17 Goals, which are: