Life-Changing African Experiences


Welcome to Connect 54, your gateway to a world of extraordinary experiences that will transform your perspective and leave you breathless.

As a 100% Botswana youth-owned company, we are dedicated to providing you with a unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the rich cultures, natural wonders, and philanthropic endeavours of Africa.


At Connect 54, we offer personalised and generalised tourism excursions that cater to your individual interests and preferences. Whether you’re seeking thrilling wildlife safaris, immersive cultural experiences, urban adventures, or philanthropic initiatives, we have the perfect itinerary to fulfil your desires.

Discover the wonders of Africa with Connect 54, where personalised and generalised tourism excursions cater to your interests. Immerse yourself in thrilling wildlife safaris, immersive cultural experiences, urban adventures, and philanthropic initiatives. Our passion for providing unparalleled adventures across the vibrant continent ensures authentic encounters, awe-inspiring landscapes, and life-changing moments.

Wildlife Safaris

Embark on exhilarating wildlife safaris with Connect 54, your gateway to unforgettable encounters in Africa. Immerse yourself in the captivating beauty of diverse landscapes and get up close and personal with magnificent wildlife. Discover the untamed wilderness and witness nature’s wonders firsthand with Connect 54’s exceptional wildlife safaris.

Cultural Experiences

Experience the true essence of Africa as we take you on a journey that will ignite your sense of wonder. Our carefully curated itineraries and personalised excursions are designed to surpass your expectations. With Connect 54, you’ll create memories that last a lifetime and connect with the heart and soul of Africa.


Immerse yourself in the beauty of Africa while making a positive impact through philanthropic opportunities with Connect 54. Experience the joy of giving back as you explore the continent’s wonders. Engage in meaningful initiatives that empower local communities, support conservation efforts, and contribute to sustainable development.

Urban Experiences

Discover the vibrancy of city life with an unforgettable urban adventure. Dive into the energy of bustling metropolises and immerse yourself in the diverse cultures, iconic landmarks, and thriving communities. Explore the dynamic cityscapes and experience the wonders of urban life firsthand with our exceptional urban experiences.


Welcome to Connect 54, where unforgettable experiences await.



Connect 54 was founded with the vision of exposing the world to Africa in a truly unique manner. We believe that the beauty of this continent lies in its diverse wildlife, languages, tribes, natural wonders, and, most importantly, its people.

Guided by the principle of “UBUNTU” – the belief in a universal bond of sharing and humanity – we aim to connect you with the essence of Africa and its 54 remarkable countries. Each country offers its own unique attractions, landscapes, languages, and cuisines, creating a life-changing experience that can only be truly understood by immersing oneself in the beauty of Africa firsthand.


Our Mission, Values and Vision

Our mission is to provide global travellers with authentic, unforgettable, and life-changing African experiences that inspire and embrace diversity. We envision ourselves as a leading global tourism firm that offers a wide range of tourist excursions and in-country opportunities, showcasing the true essence and rich cultural heritage of Africa. With our core values of authenticity, life-changing experiences, inspiration, and diversity, we strive to create meaningful connections and leave a lasting impact on both travellers and the communities we engage with.


At Connect 54, we are driven by a strong commitment to social responsibility. We strive to not only provide exceptional tourism experiences but also actively engage in philanthropic endeavours and connect you with opportunities for personal growth and development. Our vision is to be a global tourism firm that promotes diversity, inspires change, and creates lasting positive impacts on the communities we visit.

Choose Connect 54 for an extraordinary journey that goes beyond the ordinary, unveiling the hidden treasures of Africa while making a meaningful difference in the lives of its people.

Mbakisi Gopolang